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  The problem of solving mixed arithmetic and Boolean constraint systems arises in many
  different areas, such as verification of soft- and hardware systems, resource
  planning or system design and has been studied extensively in recent time. Yet,
  the available solvers are neither easily extensible, nor do they offer ways to
  apply problem specific heuristics that are required for most of the hard
  problems in this area.\par

  To overcome these limitations, a framework has been designed to integrate
  state-of-the-art solvers for the Boolean- and parts of the arithmetic domain to
  solve the combined problem. Thereby we benefit from the full strength of each of
  the tools in their special area.  Furthermore, the architecture of the system
  emphasises extensibility, which already proved useful for the implemented
  extension to non-linear arithmetic constraints.\par

  The results show that our implementation, albeit in in some parts not yet more than
  a proof of concept, can already compete with existing solvers. Due to the 
  extension to non-linear arithmetic we are even able to tackle a new class of
  real-world problems.\par

  The present work introduces this class of problems and our approach to solve
  them, accompanied by some real-life examples. Along with these descriptions we
  provide detailed insight into our tool and the hurdles we had to overcome.
  pdf = {thesis.pdf}

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